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Supreme Fab Works Bolt On Chevy 63 Swap is Here!!!

Our kit takes the guesswork out of doing a chevy 63 leaf spring conversion while adding strength and flexibility for suspension adjustments vs a weld on kit. To install this kit there is no measuring required, just cut the factory leaf spring mounts off and bolt in our hangers through the existing rivet holes on the frame. You will need to drill two holes in the bottom of the frame as we have an aditional bolt hole on our frame leaf spring hangers. Also due to the nature of factory frame rivets you might need to drill some stuck ones out aswell as clean up the holes with a drill if you cant get the bolts through. Our kit is significantly stronger vs a weld kit because the front leaf spring hanger bolts throgh both layers of the c channel frame vs if you weld it on it only holds on to the bottom of the outer frame layers. The rear hangers feature keyed adjustment holes to be able to slide the mount from to back to adjust shackle angle as well as two aditional bolt mounting holes to reinforce the frame.


The Kit inlcudes:

-Front Leaf Spring Mount

-Rear Leaf Spring Mount


-U-bolt Flip Kit

-All Necessary Grade 8 Hardware for Complete Install


For Bump Stops we have solutions for just about any bumpstop on the market.

Contact us when you order and we will inlcude and adapter for your bump stop. 

If you dont have any aftermarket bump stops contact us  and we will get you setup with what best suits your needs.


We do not include the leaf springs with the kit as they are very easy and cheap to source at your local dimantler. Use this chart to decide which leaf pack you need. We Recommend getting leaf packs from 99+ trucks as they arent as old and have a larger front bushing when compared to the 88-98 packs.  Sourcing the leaf springs that will suit your truck first is recommended as the leaf springs have factory clamps that are riveted on that keep the leafs in the spring from rotating. You will need to remove the factory overload unless you plan to carry alot on weight in which case we recommend you flip the factory overload spring to keep the leaf spring from fatigueing the leaf near the leaf spring perch on the axle. We recommend you get used Oem Leaf Springs as they hold weight and last alot better than most aftermarket options, but dont worry if the bushings on the leaf springs are shot beacuse you will need to upgrade to poly bushings. For the bushings kits there are two versions (88-98 is Energy Suspension 3.2128) and (99+ is Energy Suspension 3.2141G). You will need to measure your bushings on your leaf springs and sleeve diameters to ensure you get the correct bushings and hardware in your kit. If your bushings are the same size then you have the 88-98 leaf spring, if one is bigger then you have a 99+ leaf spring. A rough guide for sourcing leaf spring is as follows. If you have a typical 3" lift kit in the front and a pretty lightweight bumper with no swingout you will need a 2+1 Leaf pack and it still might have a bit of rake. if you have a camper tent you should aim to get a 3 leaf pack depending on the weight. if you have a camper, bumper with tire carrier and misc gear then you should look for a 4 leaf pack or the 99+ 3 leaf pack. 

Chevy 63", '88-'98, 2 wheel drive leaves3+1
Chevy 63", '88-'98, 4 wheel drive leaves4+1
Chevy 63", '99+, 2 wheel drive leaves2+1
Chevy 63", '99+, 4 wheel drive leaves3+1

2005-2023 Tacoma Chevy 63 Leaf Spring Conversion

$1,649.99 Regular Price
$1,449.99Sale Price
Leaf Spring Bushing Color Preference
Expected to Ship Early July
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